Is Hinduism Just Paper Based Philosophy…?

Sadhus Are Given To Sleeping On needle sharp nail-bed. It does the least to pierce his skin. Neither does he loose slip. Another walks with a nail-paduka. Some are hooked on to a chain that pulls a chariot. One runs on red-hot amber, the mysterious fire walking with no blisters. Another lives on thin air that he is breathing, not even water. Some hang around with a loin-cloth their whole life and winter made no difference. There are those going into bhakti trance and do superhuman deed. One more is buried alive for more than a month. To top it all, one levitates in the air before an audience.

We don’t need science to explain this. These super-humans may be in control of physiological condition by mind-control. Or the explanation could be found in hypnotism. Hindus are natural mystics and Hinduism is mystical. There are many ways aimed at achieving union with God. Behind all the idiosyncratic ways, is Hindu philosophy. A truth does not become untruth just because we don’t comprehend it. It is also not the reason to pin one’s hopes on vedic literature alone. Spiritual abstractness explains reality, not fixed in it. One cannot take one aspect of religion and call it ‘the’ religion. Real Hindu life and its richness is out there…!


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