Hinduism Is Truly A Supernatural Religion.

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Hinduism is truly a supernatural religion. It has been so for centuries and will be in future. The term Hindu mysticism, as known in the west, may not be accurate. To start with, our ancient scriptures describe the ‘magical’ mind that interconnects Divinity, Deity, Devas, Nature and Man. While nature is alive with beings, it is the energy expression of Divinity. For instance we use yajnas of fire to establish communication with divinity, so on so forth.

The supernatural essence is only a fraction of the physical body, the real being. Only a part of this has been understood. Through the ‘magic’ of our higher mind, we expand our consciousness into the Absolute. Any physical object is used for higher or lower mystical purpose to be in contact with the higher worlds. We don’t understand all of the objects and their use. Perhaps we are not meant to! The devotee does not harp on physics theory. Neither is he bothered about opinions. He has faith and belief. Indeed, he may be worried that the nails are not sharp enough, defaulting his vrat observation and also the richness of Hinduism.


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