Story of Maricha in the Ramayana – Demon Maricha

Maricha was the son of Demon Sunanda and Tadaka in the Ramayana. He was also the uncle of Ravana. Story of Maricha can be found in the Bala Kanda and Aranya Kanda of Ramayana. It is believed that in his previous birth, Maricha was a gatekeeper in the Vaikunta and was cursed to be born as a Rakshasa. He was promised that he will get relief from curse when he will be killed by Sri Rama in the Treta Yuga.

Maricha used to disturb the Saints in the Dandaka Forest. He faced the power of the arrows of Sri Ram and Lakshman when he attempted to disrupt the yajna of Vishwamitra which was protected by the two brothers.

After this incident, there was change in Maricha’s character, he grew matted hair and spend his life in an ashram.

After the death of Demon Khara, Ravana arrives at the Ashram of Maricha. In the discussion that follows, Maricha convinces Ravana not to attack Rama.

The second meeting between Maricha and Ravana takes place after Surpanakha complains about Sri Ram and Lakshman. He also hears about the beautiful Mata Sita. But this time Maricha is not able to convince Ravana.

Ravana makes Maricha take the form of a golden deer. Maricha takes the form saying to Ravana he knows that he will never escape from the arrow of Rama.

Mata Sita who saw the golden deer wanted it. Rama gave it a chase. After sometime Rama felt something suspicious and shot at the deer. It fell down shouting ‘Ha Lakshmana’ in the voice of Rama. The cry was to mislead Lakshman and Mata Sita.

Marachia died at hands of Rama and regained his position of the guard in Vaikunta.


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