Story of Garbarakshambigai Temple

Story of Garbarakshambigai Temple

Story of Garbarakshambigai Temple
Garbarakshambigai Temple in Thirukarukavur is a famous Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati Temple located 6 km east of Papanasam in Tamilnadu. Goddess Garbarakshambigai Amman in the temple cures infertility related problems to women and blesses them to conceive and have trouble free delivery. Below is the brief story of Garbarakshambigai Amman Temple.

According to legend, a sage named Nidhruva was living with his wife Vedhika at Mullaivanam. As the couple had no children, they ardently worshipped the deities of Thirukarugavur. Answering to their prayers, Vedhika got conceived. During her pregnancy, one day, the Sage Nidhruva was away. At that time, another sage Urdhvapada visited the place. Vedhika was alone and in a deep sleep as she was tired due to pregnancy. As such, she failed to notice the sage who threw a cruel curse upon her.

Due to the curse, the fetus fell out of her womb. Vedhika deeply prayed Goddess Parvathi for relief. The goddess appeared before her in the form of Sri Garbharakshambigai and protected it by keeping it in a pot till it developed into a male child Naidhruvan. Also, the goddess sent Kamadenu, the celestial cow, which is believed to have dug the earth with her hoofs. Consequently, milk flown out in plenty and a milk tank called Ksheera Kundam was formed. This tank can be seen even now in front of the temple. Vedhika requested the goddess to remain permanently at the place and safeguard women for safe delivery.

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